30HelenSteve I'm Helen and welcome to Kaleidoscope Spinning!

This project began in March 2016 as a creative outlet for myself. Feeling stifled by work, I knew I had more to offer. Instead of waiting for my job to let me express myself, I decided to take matters into my own hands. This resulted in this blog and my etsy page; two places where I can express my true style an share it with others.

For years, I spent so much time trying to mimic trends and styles, thinking that is what I was supposed to do. It effected my choices in jewelry and clothes, how I decorated my home, the make-up I wore, and my Instagram filters. After while it just wore on me.

When I took the time to really explore my style, I began to discovered what truly made me happy. I eliminated all my chunky jewelry, heavy make-up, and dark colors in my closet and home. I discovered, I like colorful things; I like things to be simple and light.

Like a Kaleidoscope, I want my life to be filled with color, both literally and metaphorically. I try to express with through DIYsFashion, and Beauty, but also in my Travels, Pop Culture preferences, and Personal experiences.

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As always, thank your reading!

xo Helen