So we traveled to North Dakota


You did not read that title wrong! My husband and I traveled to North Dakota this past April to visit some dear friends of ours. I have known Rob and Kay for as long as I have known my husband. Rob, who is currently in the Air Force, met my husband when they were in 8th grade. Despite both being military children and moving throughout their lives, they remained very good friends and ended up going to college together.


Rob and Kay moved to North Dakota about a year and a half ago to the Air Force Base in Grand Forks. We had planned on visiting for them a since they moved, but between schedules and the VERY cold weather in ND, the plan kept getting pushed back. But when we received the news that Rob was to deploy at the beginning of June, we put a visit on the calendar immediately.

I am not going to sugar coat it; there wasn't much of a social scene in Grand Forks. But because we were with good friends, we were just happy hanging around their house watching movies and catching up. But we weren't locked up in their house the whole trip.

IMG_6995 Rob and Kay live in a house on base, so this was the first time I had ever stayed on an Air Force Base. We toured the base, including were Rob worked. We got to get up close with some of the planes he works with, which was not only amazing to see, but to hear. During the tour, Rob explained to us how the planes operate, where they have been, and some of the stories behind each plane.

One day, they also took us into town to see the city. We stopped in a little boutique which I immediately fell in love with. I walked away with a couple of gorgeous accessories, but I could have purchased the entire store! Near town is also the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks campus, which we also drove through. Unfortunately, the cold weather and off-and-on rain prevented us form walking for much of the trip.

IMG_7002 One of the most darling parts of Grand Forks was the airport. We quickly learned while waiting at the airport, the only way to get to Grand Forks from Kansas City, or any city, is through Minneapolis. When we arrived at the airport, we looked to the Arrivals and Departures screens, to see a grand total of 7 flights listed, all coming or going from Minneapolis! I had never seen anything like this before, so I found it to be so cute and hilarious!

Grand Forks is located about an hour south of the Canadian border. Believe it or not, all four of us had never been to Canada before. So we took a day trip up to Winnipeg, the closest Canadian city to Grand Forks. But more about that on a future post. :)

As always, thank you for reading!