Ohhhhh Canada…


Truth time: don't know the rest of the words. If you saw my post about my recent trip to North Dakota, would will know that my husband and I and our two good friends, Rob and Kay, did a day trip to Winnipeg, Canada. We were already in Grand Forks, ND visiting Rob and Kay.  Grand Forks is only an hour south of the Canadian Boarder, and Winnipeg is another 90 minutes. Since none of us had been to Canada before, we decided to take advantage of the proximity and make a day trip up to the Great White North.

The moment we crossed the Canadian boarder, we had an eagle-eye out for a Tim Hortons. We pulled off  of the interstate the second we saw one. Needless to say, I was very happy I finally had doughnuts in my hand, while in Canada.


As we entered into Winnipeg, we ran into a little problem; we couldn't use our GPS since our cellular service was out of range. Thankfully, we had done enough research on Winnipeg to know where we wanted to go and then followed road signs to get there. The first place we were headed to was an area call The Forks.


The Forks was the area we stayed in for the longest time. Clearly a main tourist attraction in Winnipeg, it was filled with walkways to see the city from different angles, and adorable little shops we could weave in and out of in the main area. Also in The Forks were historical spots, which my husband and Rob LOVE to check out when in a new city. While this part of tourism doesn’t always interest me, it makes me happy to know how much my husband enjoys reading all of the signs.


After our a couple hours of being a tourist, we decided it was time for some good old fashion Canadian beer. We found an adorable restaurant in the middle of the city and sat down for happy hour. One thing my husband and I always try to do in a new city to us is taste the local brew. So when the waitress asked, "What will we have?", our answer was simply, "Anything locally made in Canada". Not only was the beer she brought back great, but one of the labels had the Canadian flag on it. So we were very happy!


In our Winnipeg research, we found one of the most popular things to do were Escape Rooms. I had never heard of these before, so I was very intrigued. The one we went to was called, Ultimate Lockdown. Basically, you and your friends, enter a room that is "locked" and you have one hour to use the hidden clues in the room to escape. I say "locked" because, we could leave at anytime and even call the front desk if we needed help with the clues. It was a lot of fun!


We capped off the night with dinner at a local Winnipeg burger joint, called Nuburger. It had some of the most original burger combinations. We had a very delicious meal. Afterwards, we began the drive back to Grand Forks.

It was a quick day trip, but I am happy I can finally say I have been to Canada. We had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to the next time I get to visit Canada! Have you ever been to Canada, specifically Winnipeg? What was your favorite thing to do while visiting?

As always, thank you for reading, Helen