5 Nail Colors for Summer

I love painting my own nails. I find it to be very relaxing. The entire process, including dry time, tends to run a little over an hour. I use this time solely to myself. It's great to catch up on a TV show and have my husband take care of the dog. One of my favorite parts of summer is painting my nails fun, bright colors. So below are some of my top choices for this summer season!


White On | Sally Hansen XtremeWear It may only be me, but I believe a white nail can look bright. I only wear white nails in the summer, which is just a personal preference. White nails can help balance a bright, multicolored summer outfit.

World Wide Red | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel I love bright coral on my nails for the summertime. Not only does the color just scream summer, but it always makes me look tanner. I don't know how or why, but it works with every bright coral I've bought. So coral is always a go-to shade of mine!

Stranger Tides | O.P.I. Normally, I stay away from green nail polish. It’s typically not a color I like to see on my nails. But as soon as I saw this pistachio color, I wanted it. It is a much softer green and it has a bit of a matte look to it.

Lapiz of Luxury | Essie My purple obsession has seemed to increase this summer, and while going through my nail polish collection I realized I didn't have lilac. I knew Essie would have the perfect shade for me! I chose this particular shade because I wanted something that would stand out, in a good way. This shade will definitely do that.

Toasted Almond | CoverGirl This shade is a little darker than I normally go in the summer, but I really wanted a coffee-colored nail polish! Similar to the white, it can act as a balance to your bight summer wardrobe. I also like it because it's a bit different from the normal gray/black dark nail that are always so popular.

What are some of your favorite colors to wear for summer? I don't just limit my palette to five! I'd love to hear you suggestions!

As always, thank you for reading, Helen