Friday Finds: Summer Concerts are the Best Concerts!


Happy Friday Everyone! Summer is in full swing in Kansas City! It has felt like a million degrees every day (it's actually more like in the 80s)! I'm trying to make a point to lay outside for a little bit everyday so I can build up my tan. One of my favorite parts of summer time in Kanas City are the outdoor concerts at the Power and Light District. We're starting off tonight with the Lumineers Cleopatra Tour!

Below are some of my favorite finds of the week!

1. This map shows the top reality television show in every state.

2. Designers and bloggers offer their advice for 20-somethings and their first home.

3. Amy Sherman-Pallodino is piloting a new show!

4. Math Illustrated.

5. Ohhh…. Kids say the darkest things.

6. Don't click this! It will change everything!

What is the first summer concert you have lined up for the summer? We're still planning for the latter part of summer and can always use suggestions!

As always, thank you for reading! Helen