Friday Finds: It is HOT HOT HOT

Happy Friday Everyone!

It has been boiling outside here for the last few days. I'm talking in the 100s! Because of that, I have been avoiding leaving the comfort of my home (and air conditioning). On the plus side, I've been catching up on Game of Thrones. Steve has been pushing me to catch up so we can watch Sunday's new episode together. I think it's manageable because I'm almost there (hold the door!)

Here are some of my favorite finds of the week!


A color guide to brands.

Famous logos, then and now.

The science behind Festival-Goers.

I fully plan on building my dream closet one day.

Because we needed an excuse to love Hamilton even more.

For when you want to end your email with a (un)inspired quote.

Have you been catching up on any shows (or podcasts) lately? Everyone always likes a good recommendation. Have a happy weekend!

As always, thank you for reading, Helen