Friday Finds: Do You Hike?

Happy Friday everyone! You may remember from my Summer Bucket List, one item was "hiking in Alaska". I've mentioned it before, but Steve and I are going to Alaska to visit some friends next week! We are so excited and have some big activities planned during the trip, including a hike. Steve decided this was a good excuse for me to finally buy a pair of hiking boots. Once I got them, I was informed by Steve that I had to break-in my hiking shoes. To accomplish this, we're going hiking this weekend.

My husband grew up hiking and camping with his family. My family did not. But because it is so important to him, we have gone on hikes together in the past. I'll admit, I don't hate it! Although, according to Steve, now that I own the boots, I am now an official hiker! :0

Below are some of my favorite finds this week!


Summer music hits, all in one place.

The Alphabet according to brands.

#BringBackNashville worked!

Wherever these pools are, I want to move there.

My new favorite Youtube Channel.

This app is funny and dangerous at the same time!

What did your families do? Did you grow up visiting the great outdoors like my husband or stay inside like me? I'd love to know!

As always, thank you for reading, Helen