Anchorage, Alaska: KSxAK Part 1

It is Part 1 of my Alaskan Recap! Make sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2! We had a great time in Alaska! Including our travel, we were gone for 7 days. Since Alaska is such a visually beautiful state, instead of trying to explain everything, I'd rather show you all of the majestic scenery with captions.

How we ended up in Alaska: One of my best friends, Elena, from my childhood was relocated to Anchorage, AK for work about 18 months ago. Determined to visit her in the summer months, we planned a trip for 4th of July weekend, along with our other best friend, Alicia, Alicia's boyfriend, and Elena's sister.

- Day 1 - Flight to Alaska!Alaska_16

- Day 2 - It was just the two of us on this day, so decided to play tourist in Anchorage. We started with walking along the coast, then brunch. Alaska_1

- Day 2 - We spent the afternoon in the Anchorage Museum. It had a healthy mix of art (for myself) and history (for Steve).Alaska_2

- Day 2 - We saw on Trip Advisor that this painted wall was one of the top "Things To Do". So when we drove by it, we pulled over and made sure we got a picture with the Whaling Wall!Alaska_3

- Day 3 - The rest of our friends flew in that morning and we hopped right into the car. We started with a wildlife tour where we watched a bear feeding.Alaska_7

- Day 3 - We continued on to see a ton of other animals including bald eagles, foxes, and wolves.Alaska_8

- Day 3 - After the tour we did a quick hike up a glacier. The scenery was seriously unbelievable! Alaska_4

- Day 3 - So much fun (and weird) playing in the snow in July!Alaska_5

- Day 4 - We piled in the car and drove for 2 hours to Seward, AK.  When we got there, we began our 6 hour, 8 mile hike!Alaska_15

- Day 4 - Ed note: I'm eating pretzels in this shot hahaAlaska_10

- Day 4 - The scenery throughout the whole hike was amazing!!!Alaska_13

- Day 4 - Showing Iowa State pride at the very top! 4600ft Elevation!Alaska_11

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2! You'll see pictures from a glacier the size of Rhode Island and rafting!

As always, thanks for reading, Helen

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