Anchorage, Alaska: KSxAK Part 2

It is Part 2 of my Alaskan Recap! In case you missed it, check out Part 1!

- Day 5 - The day after our loooong hike, we decided to take it easy with a 6-hour boat ride along the coast of Alaska. This boat ride showed us a ton of wildlife! We started off with seeing whales everywhere! Alaska_25

- Day 5 - Aside from the whales, my favorite animals to see where the sea lions!Alaska_26

- Day 5 - But the best part of the boat ride was this glacier! It is the size of Rhode Island and we came within .25 miles of it!Alaska_17

- Day 5 - Not sure how they did it, but the boat crew was able get a piece of floating ice from the glacier and brought it on the deck!Alaska_23

- Day 5 - After the boat trip, we stopped by the locate Sea Life Museum before dinner. Alaska_18

- Day 5 - We were able to see the birds we saw during the boat ride, up close. Alaska_28

- Day 6 - We woke up early, dressed in many layers, and went rafting!Alaska_19

- Day 6 - I'm in the back. And if I look terrified, it’s because I was!Alaska_20

- Day 6 - Overall thoughts on rafting; it was a unique and fun experience. I'm glad I did it!Alaska_21

- Day 7 - We woke up, backed our bags, and headed to the airport for another long day of travel. We had such an amazing time and we were so sad to leave!

 As always, thank you for reading, Helen

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