Meet Me in St. Louis


For audio delight, play this song as you read! Today, we are taking a break from collegiate prints, and introducing St. Louis!

St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues patterns and prints are designed and officially available on Etsy!

The St. Louis Cardinals pattern was inspired by the St. Louis Arch; Baseball bats taking the shape of the city's iconic landmark; The Gateway to the West.

stl_card_6St. Louis STL Cardinals Heart Print

stl_card_1St. Louis STL Cardinals Baseball Print

The St. Louis Blues is a unique one. Taking a variation of the Blue's logo, the musical note it actually a hockey puck!

stl_blues_3St. Louis STL Blues Heart Print

stl_blues_4St. Louis STL Blues Hockey Puck and Stick Print

What city would you like to see next? As you will see here, I'm taking suggestions!

As always, thank you for reading, XO-

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