Saturday: April '17 Update


April flew by, and I mean that literally because the weather was insane. Hot one day, cold the next, a tornado warning and endless rain. Hopefully what comes of this is sunshine and warm spring days! Despite the rain, we had a lot going on in April.

In April, I…
Watched: Girlboss and 13 Reason Why both on Netflix.

Heard: Soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast and LaLa Land. Also been obsessed with the Watch What Crappens podcast.

Read: Started Pride and Prejudice.

Traveled: Bettendorf, IA for a friends wedding and Chicago for my cousin's baby shower

Saw: Beauty and the Beast and we had a friend visit from LA!

News: Kaleidoscope Spinning celebrated it's one year anniversary! And I won my first March Madness bracket.

Top Posts: Kaleidoscope Spinning Turned One, Lace, Leather and Leopard, and Fall Skirt For Spring.

As always, thank you for reading! XO-

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