Summer '17 Bucket List

Honesty time. I did a terrible job of trying to complete my Spring Bucket List. Had my list said "Be busy every weekend" I would have completed the list very easily. In the 12 weekends of spring, 10 of them were spent either with us out of town, someone visiting us, or a big event in Kansas City. As for the weekdays, between Steven's travel and my evening yoga schedule, we barely saw each other.

But the saving grace in this whole spring madness has been summer! While we still have a few things planned, in the coming months, but for the most part we are free and I am determined to get this list done!

Read 5 books

Have a picnic with Steve (Already checked this one off the list!)

Go to the drive-in movie

Make our own homemade ice cream

Visit Nelson Atkins Museum

Travel to Little Rock, AR

Dye colored streaks in my hair

Go to the Overland Park Farmer's Market

Go to the pool with some friends

Begin to clean out and decorate the house

Attend a summer concert

Meal prep on Sunday nights

As always, thank you for reading! XO-

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