What’s in a Name?


Deciding to start a blog was easy. Choosing the name of the blog was not so easy. I have always viewed blogging as a creative outlet and a place to show personal style. So naturally, I felt the name should be reflective of my style. When I think about my personal style, several words came to mind, but one truly stuck out to me. Colorful.

If I had it my way everything around me would be filled with color. For me, with color comes happiness. When I walk into a beautifully colored, bright room, I feel instantly happier. The same feeling overcomes me when a colorful meal set before me, or when a simple outfit is brighten up with some colorful shoes. Given my desire for a colorful life, Kaleidoscope, a device whose purpose is to show bright, beautiful colors, seemed like a perfect fit.

Kaleidoscope will be home to food, fashion, DIY, travel, really anything I love! And it will all be done with fun, colorful touch added. Welcome to Kaleidoscope!