Binging Podcasts is the New Black

For the longest time, I thought podcasts were just another version on NPR. Something I had no interest in and saw no reason to look into it. When Serial started to become a huge success, I was surprised purely because I didn't realize podcasts were more than talk radio. They were something a lot of my friends actually listened to and raved about on social media. My interest rose, but I still didn't act on it, thinking nothing could top the benefits of television. But my thoughts completely changed with a single Instagram "like".

One day I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw one friend liked an image from the Instagram handle @GilmoreGuys. I was very intrigued! Gilmore Guys? What was that?

I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. I own all seven seasons on DVD and have seen each episode 8-10 times, including the binge watch I completed when the series came to Netflix. But I had never heard of the Gilmore Guys. I clicked the handle and learned it was a podcast about two guys, Kevin and Demi, going through every single episode of Gilmore Girls!


The next day at work, I found the Gilmore Guys online, and saw they that they had been recording for over a year. They were in the middle of season 5, but I wanted to start at the beginning. I scrolled down to the first episode and clicked play. When that episode was done, I played the next, and then the next, and the next, and so on…

I was hooked! I would get into work and immediately throw in my headphones and listening to the Gilmore Guys. I didn't quite realize it at the time, but I was full-on binging this podcast!

The best part of binging a podcast versus binging a television show is the lack of visuals. When binging a TV show, my eyes need to be one the TV so I don't miss a thing, making it very difficult to get anything else done. But with a podcast, I could complete a fully day's work and not miss a minute!

It didn't take long for this to feel like a race. A race I was familiar with from Netflix and Hulu. The goal: catch-up! Catch-up so I can enjoy the new episodes as they roll out. I had a year to catch-up on, and the Gilmore Guys were releasing two new episodes a week. It did take some time, but I finally did it! But my proudness was quickly washed away from an all too familiar feeling. The feeling you get after you've spent weeks binging a show you've finally caught up on. An odd sense of loss, similar to losing a security blanket. So I did what any normal person would do; I found another podcast to binge.

This pattern has continued. I've have binged a few podcasts and I keep finding new ones to explore. Because of this experience and what I have discovered, I don't have the tolerance for binging television shows Like I could before. As millennial as it sounds, binging a TV show is a time-consuming commitment. A commitment where my butt doesn't move and my stomach gets filled with candy. But with a podcast, I work out, run errands, and clean the house, among so many other tasks.

The Gilmore Guys (and the hosts of my other favorite podcasts) have become an important part of my weekly routine. So thank you to the hosts for making dull jobs better, work outs enjoyable, and traffic jams bearable!

What is your favorite podcast? I'd love to hear some new suggestions!

As always, thank you for reading! Helen

Below are come of my favorite podcasts:

image cred: Gilmore Guys Show