Set Your Intention: Slow Down

My intention for this week, to slow down, sprouted from a moment on Sunday afternoon. My husband and I were hanging photos and art in our living room. Despite having nothing else to do that day, I felt the need to rush through this task. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get this done quickly to move onto… nothing. We had nothing else to do that day.

Once I realized, what I was doing, I had this moment of shock. I didn't gain anything from rushing this process.  In fact, this was a task that required time and patience. As Steve put it, "once their up, that's where they're staying", so I should have been taking my time!

But my shock didn't just revolve around hanging photos. I made me realize how many things in life I try to rush through for no reason. It seemed so unnecessary! Rushing through cooking, cleaning, phone calls, driving, for no reason other than to move onto the next task that I would inevitably rush through as well!

I felt inspired and determined to slow down, to be in the moment, and to most importantly, not rush what doesn't need to be rushed. So in my yoga classes this past week, we slowed it down. We took our time to hold each post before our slow transition to the next. But beyond this week, I truly want to extend this intention through the rest of my life.

Editors Note: Tonight at CorePower Yoga on Hawthorne Plaza's one year anniversary celebration! For those of you who live in the Kansas City area stop by this evening for a free class of yoga in celebration!
4:30 - Hot Power Fusion
5:30 - C1 - I'm Teaching!
6:00 - C2 - Glow Flow
7:00 - Yoga Sculpt

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