Spring '17 Bucket List

Spring is finally here!

Gone are the chilly winter evenings, dirty snow and slush covering the streets, and potential ice storms! Granted this past Kansas City winter was minimal, I am still happy to smell the fresh spring air.

When we moved into our new house the leaves had already fallen off the of branches and covered our dirt filled backyard. So while you will see below that one of my goals this season is to seed and clean up the yard, I am very much looking forward to seeing our trees full and green!

To get spring off to a great start, I have created a Spring Bucket List. I'm hoping to get everything crossed off by June 20th , the last day of spring! 

Visit my local Farmer's Market

Clean up and seed our backyard

Finally visit the Nelson Atkins Museum


Read 5 books (then recap them for you!)

Add some floral pieces to my wardrobe

Take Dakota to a local dog park.

Attend 3 yoga classes a week


I am so excited to get this season started! There is so much going on and so much to look forward too! In addition to the pending foliage, and my bucket list, we are just so busy this spring. Between weddings, graduations, and babies, there is also a lot of travel in our immediate future too.

As always, thank you for reading, XO-

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